Our PopUps are small and conveniently designed for consumer use. Simply pop a PopUps into your pocket or bag and you will have a moist towelette that is ready to be used whenever you need one.


PopUps are made from pure natural pulp with no added alcohol or fragrances, so they are safe for faces, babies bottoms and everywhere in between. PopUps are 100% natural and biodegradable, the only additive is the liquid you choose to moisten the towelette with. Dispose after one use or rinse many times


  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Low cost investment in stock

Hundreds of uses


  • Cleaning up messy kids and sticky messes
  • Camping, tramping - anywhere outdoors
  • Fishing, golf, tennis - any sport
  • In the car boat or caravan
  • In the garden, garage or workshop

What buyers say...


"Once our customers have used PopUps they return for more, often buying five or six bags at once."


"We displayed a compressed PopUps with an expanded one in front of our display stand and have sold 3000 10 pack bags in 10 months - they're amazing"


"As a promotional product demonstrated at customer events, it's a star! People are amazed when they expand, and buy there and then."



PopUps 10 Piece Bag

Small and compressed towelette made from 100% natural pulp and biodegradable ...

$2.99 NZD


PopUps 10 Piece Tube

Pop Ups are made from pure natural pulp with no added alcohol or fragrances ...

$3.99 NZD